• Dog Training

    Need a bit of Doggie school? 

    Our dogs look at us for guidance on how to behave and to learn what to expect from people.

    Dog training provides mental stimulation which helps to keep your dog confident, happy, and well-mannered.

    Investing in your dog training will make living with your canine friend easier and could also save her/his life.


    Urban Paws offers Private Sessions and Group Classes.

  • Meet Our Trainers



    My love for dogs began when I was growing up in Michigan. Over the course of 22 years I would always perceive ways to combine my work with canines and finally it clicked! Just like us, dogs need to feel safe, confident and loved. The most important & rewarding job for over 18 years, is my instinct with training dogs, from assorted, desperate rescues all over, including many in SE Asia & South America. My acumen & appreciation resides with confidence for training and evaluating rescue dogs in basic obedience, behavior modification, leash reactivity, private training sessions, play groups & socials, adult dog intermediate & advanced manners, CGG (Canine Good Citizen) evaluator, nose work and Search & Rescue teams.



    My life has always been about dogs and training. I currently have 3 large dogs my own: Kovu a Cane Corso who has worked as a service dog, competes in Dock Diving and PSA (a fun protection sport). Akuma a German Shepherd who was imported from Czechia who is currently training in IGP (a bite sport), and Vyru another German Shepherd who was imported from France who will as well compete in protection sports. I also do a lot of training with Service Dogs in my free time.


  • Rates

    Private Sessions: Start at $90/Hour

    Group Classes



    5 Week Course


    -Leash Management
    -Puppy & Adult Obedience 
    -Fun Dog Tricks

    Therapy Dog Classes


    8 Week Course


    -At least 1 year old.

    -Dog MUST NOT have any reactivity or aggression towards other dogs.


    ***Certification included at end of 8 week course (if dog passes assessment)***




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