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    Whether you are traveling for leisure, business, or family occasions, at our facility your dog will have all the attention and expert care by our trained pet-loving caregivers. Our safe and clean boarding facility is staffed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We provide your dog with overnight supervision and fun activities during the daytime including outdoor walks, indoor playtime,& training.



    Features Included

    • Participation in fun dog day camp program
    • Daily housekeeping service with strict cleaning protocols and a clutter-free environment
    • Wellness checks and continuous monitoring of your pets throughout the day
    • Meals served twice a day or as requested (please provide your preferred food) and fresh water at all times
    • Custom meals and medications administrated at no extra charge
    • Three outdoor potty breaks daily
    • Additional luxury services are available for an additional fee. (gourmet treats, extra comfy bed, etc)

    *Overnight pup requirements are the same as our dog day camp that includes updated vaccines, fecal tests, and your dog must pass a temperament test.*

    Additional Information

    If you would like, you are allowed to bring a favorite toy or blanket, and a bed that will be kept in the suite.


    We will allow siblings to sleep in the same suite

    Pick up is at noon, and can push pick up later in the day for a half-day daycare fee


    Other possible additional fees that can be applied:

    • Dogs who had recent surgery or are not social can opt for solo play for an additional fee***
    • Taking a dog to the vet for vaccinations or pre-existing medical conditions
    • Running out of food and having us purchase more


    In and out privileges can be arranged with dogs who will be here for longer periods of time, and we can even set you up to spend time with your pal while you're away!



  • -Overnight Rates-

    Basic Night


    per night

    Email us for more info.


    Premium Night



    per night

    Email us for more info.

    Elite Night



    per night

    Email us for more info.

  • In-Home Stay

    Do you prefer your dog to stay in the comfort of their own home?

    We offer homestay as an alternative to boarding at our facility.

    Sometimes, it can be difficult for elderly dogs to be in a daycare environment -or- maybe your pup has separation anxiety and would feel more comfortable at home. Whatever the situation may be, we offer sitters to come to your home and care for your furry friend! Receive daily text updates, photos, treats, watering your plants & much more!


    Currently, due to the pandemic- we are short staff for this service. Please be patient with our availability.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you!

    In-Home stay

    In homestay requires a meet and greet at the pet parents' home to ensure proper care for your pup. During a meet and greet we go over details on food container and bowls location, sleep arrangements, entry access, parking, medications, crate instructions, supplies/toys, and much more!

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