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    We always strive for the best.

    Day Camp


    Half Day: $25

    10 Day Half: $220

    20 Day Half: $420


    Full Day(>7 hrs): $40

    10 Day Full: $380

    20 Day Full: $660


    We also offer packages for siblings!


    Contact dee@urbanpawschicago.com to find out more!


    Overnight - Not offering at this time


    Basic Night: $85


    Premium Night: $95


    Elite Night: $125

    Salon & Spa - Not offering at this time


    Our Salon and Spa prices vary on size, breed, and spa options.





    Nutrition & Wellness - Not offering at this time



    Group Adult Obedience



    Individual Training



    Contact sid@urbanpawschicago.com for additional information on training.



    Every pup needs a walk for their daily exercise, mental stimulation, and to help with the large amount of energy they all have! Your four-legged friend will love meeting our team of walkers in your area.


    Daily Walks

    $22.00 per 30 minutes

    Periodic Walks

    $30.00 per 30 minutes

    1-Hour Walks

    $35.00 per 60 minutes

    Puppy Walks

    $15.00 per 20 minutes

    We also offer packages with free walks.

    Contact us for more details and Additional Rates.


    In-Home Sitting


    Available both in your own home or one of our sitters.


    Rates vary, contact adriana@urbanpawschicago.com for more information.



    Parties & Events


    Party and event prices vary on what amenities are chosen. Please call to get an accurate estimate.



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