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    Dog Walking-Now Available!

    The dog lives for the day, the hour, and even the moment.

    Every pup needs a walk for their daily exercise, mental stimulation, and to help with the large amount of energy they all have! Your four-legged friend will love meeting our team of walkers in your area.


    We offer daily dog walks, so your furry family member gets to sniff and engage with their environment. They will never be bored again.


    You can schedule a time to meet with our walking team members and get to know them. We are here to be flexible and have fun with your dog.

    Walking Rates

    Daily Walks

    $22.00 per 30 minutes

    Periodic Walks

    $30.00 per 30 minutes

    1-Hour Walks

    $35.00 per 60 minutes

    Puppy Walks

    $15.00 per 20 minutes

    We also offer packages with free walks.

    Contact us for more details and Additional Rates.



    Enjoy your vacation while you pup enjoys theirs!

    Dog sitting is great option for your four legged friends that may not do so great far away from home or have anxiety. A dog sitter will come to you home feed, walk, play, and give your pups all the love, care, and affection while you're gone. We can also water your plants and pick up your mail!


    Dogs that have passed our temperament test and have all vaccinations are welcome to come to our daycare and socialize for an additional cost.


    Daily price:

    Daily price w/ daycare

    Day and night price

    Day and night price w/ daycare


    You can schedule a time to meet with your sitter to see how they interact with your pet and get to know them.



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